WinterAuthority45 is, where the funnel taper started.
The 2nd generation improves an already great line.
With Funnel Taper design, it achieves higher line speed for distance and controllability for easy casting which wins a half of battle on steelheading. It is a perfect line for top water, sub-surface action and more. Very versatile, distance, in close, this line does it all well. Looped for tips.
WA45 is designed to pair with 15' tips. It is also great to pair with a 10' as well but require to increase one line size to have a proper loading on the same rod.
***increase tip length by 5' almost equal to one line size***

Excellent line for winter use.
A WA45 and a selection of tips and you can effectively fish most any water.

Funnel Taper design enabled. Makes casting enjoyable!
***All weight class listed for this product are rated per US rating***