Taping Your Rod: 
Taping your rod ferrules before casting is important, especially with longer lines. Even joints that fit tightly can loosen quickly after casting, leading to a broken ferrule. Be sure to tape the rod in two directions, as illustrated in the video below: 

We have found that the cheapest brands of electrical tape often work best, because they stretch the least, giving the most secure hold across the ferrule.

Cleaning Your Nextcast line: 
Do NOT use any line dressing, regardless of the brand, to clean your Nextcast line! A use of line dressing on Nextcast lines will void the warranty. We have heard many cases of line cracking by using line dressings. If you want to clean your line, we recommend using regular mild hand soap and warm water with a soft rag to remove grime and debris, and then letting the dry in loose coils while resting on a peg or on the floor. This will allow moisture in the PVC coating to escape.

Welding a Loop: 
A list of materials you need to make nice loop:
- 1 piece of 4" long running line material PVC or PU(around 0.042" for best result)
- 3" Heat shrink tube CLEAR!!!  1/16" for running line welding, 3/32" for everything else, depending on the end diameter of line you are working on.
- A Pair of sharp small scissors
- A sharp knife 
- Adjustable Heat gun or 2" adjustable beauty Hair flat iron (Easy to use and quiet).  See video below for instructions: