Gene Oswald

   I was fortunate to grow up in a fly fishing family. Started at age 7 and still can't get enough. I feel very blessed to be able to call some of the finest people in the industry my close friends and mentors. The learning never stops. The equipment, lines and rods keep getting better and better, plus, it never stops being fun. 

I have used Nextcast lines long before I was fortunate enough to be asked to join the Nextcast Team. I still occasionally use the Nextcast 95 long belly line. To me, there are no finer lines available today. These lines turn over wonderfully and shoot better than any line I have ever cast. Reaching those distant lies become a little easier with these great lines. There are Nextcast lines available to suite any fisherman's style and method. From the "World Champ" competition line to the new "Winter" line, there is a line available for any fisherman's needs.

Gene Oswald
Team Nextcast
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