At an ongoing effort, we are mapping out a general rod-line matching chart. Hopefully, it will help to pick lines and rods per your perference:

TroutSpey-S for single handed Rods Note
FFF:230 Sage SP 9'0" 6wt Cast beautifully both Spey casting and overhead casting
FFF:290 Scott 9'6" 8wt Cast Beautifullyl both overhead and Spey casting
TroutSpey-D for Switch Rods
FFF:450 Burkheimar 
COASTAL:F1 - 400 TFO 11'0" 4wt Deep load
TFO 11'0" 6wt Good match
TFO 11'0" 8wt Scandi feel
ZONE:F1 - 375 TFO 11'0" 6wt Scandi feel
ZONE:F1 - 400 TFO 11'0" 6wt Good Match