Jim Ansite

Jim is a semi-retired business owner and has been avid fly-fisherman and sportsman his entire life. 

He is a Certified Casting Instructor (CI & THCI). The pursuit of the THCI designation was begun after a steelhead trip to Oregon and watching one of his friends easily cast a two-hander considerable distance – with what looked like NO EFFORT, while he went about flogging the water with his single-hander. He had to learn how to do that!

Shortly afterward, Jim spent a few hours with Dec Hogan, a true master of the game, to learn the basics. A few days later Jim left for his annual float trip in Alaska and grabbed his brand-new 13 footer, along with a few single handers for the occasion, and departed for the Northwest - The single hand rods never saw daylight. 

Even considering his many blown anchors, tailing loops, line stick and every other fault imaginable, he fell in love with the two-hand rod. Upon his return, Jim wanted to learn as much as he could about it – it's history; utility, styles - faults and fixes. To him, the grace and beauty of a good two-hand cast is the ultimate in fly-casting. And it's this Holy Grail that he still pursues - and tries to instill in his students.

To this end, he decided that the best way for him, was to pursue the THCI designation. (After all, it should be a snap, with his many years of single-hand casting experience!). He had no idea how wrong he was. His mentors strongly suggested that he take and pass the CI test, first, otherwise, “good luck!”. Although the CI is not an absolute requirement, it is foundational in its analysis of the cast, as well as teaching methods, and he found it to be invaluable for both single and two-hand casting instruction.

Two years, and many thousands of casts later, Jim passed the THCI test. When not fishing , Jim still casts several times a week, experimenting with different lines/rods and practicing different styles. His primary focus is, of course, the Spey rod.

Jim splits time between Long Beach, CA and Park City Utah. He's a member of the Long Beach Casting Club and the Golden Gate Casting & Angling & Casting Club. 

When not fishing or casting, Jim enjoys spending time mentoring burgeoning entrepreneurs through the start-up process.