Nextcast SalarFinder is the clear winner in a test of sinking heads in the biggest fly fishing magazine in Norway, “Alt om Fiske”. It scores total of 17 out of 18 points with the perfect scores on functionality and castability against major multi-density head makers. In the review, they write in the conclusion that the SalarFinder sets a whole new standard for how sinking heads should be made. The guys who tested the lines feels that the SF lines contains the best elements from Scandi, Skagit and  longer spey lines. They say that the lines are easy to pickup, easy to handle and the caster will achieve considerably longer casts with these lines compared to the other sinking heads. They tested the SalarFinder45:650 sink 3-5 and the SalarFinder45:590 sink1-3.

The responses from people trying these lines are overwhelming and agree well with the conclusion in the test.


Great Job! Team Nextcast.