Simon Hsieh

   Simon is an Architect by profession. He picked up his first spey rod in 2002 and designed his first "rainbow" spey line in 2004 by the bank of American River. By 2005, he founded the Nextcast Products with the original 95 spey lines. Then, he designed some of most excited spey lines in the modern spey line history such as FallFavorite35, FallFavorite45, FallFavorite55, FallFavorite70, WinterAuthority35, WinterAuthority45, WinterAuthority55 and WorldChamp15 which is the current 15' world record line. Now he is full time with Nextcast and live by the bank of a river design, cut and paste spey lines for the first hand creation.

Simon is a self-taught spey caster. He had spent 10 hours a week for the first two years of his spey life to make his first good cast and two more years to master the spey casting. Then, He took 2008 and 2009 first place in Spey-O-Rama World Championship in San Francisco. He may be too old for the gold but he is leading Team Nextcast for the spey casting competitions worldwide.

The recent project Simon working on is a long waited e SpeyClinic and on-water casting Clinic. He and Team Nextcast would like to share their hard earned casting experiences and knowledge to you all. It is a free program to help casters who want to sharp their casting skills and hopefully shorten the one's learning curve. He is committed to build a strong spey community.