Design Background
TroutSpey-D is designed for Switch rods for Trout and small Steelhead. Excellent both in Spey casting and overhead casting.

1. Single handed rods
2. Performs well both Spey casting and overhead casting

1. Available in FFF (float) and FF (see ZONE and COASTAL)

At an ongoing effort, we are mapping out a general rod-line matching chart. Hopefully, it will help to pick lines and rods per your perference:

Matching Chart

TroutSpey-D for Switch Rods Rods Note
FFF:450 Burkheimar 
COASTAL:F1 - 400 TFO 11'0" 4wt Deep load
TFO 11'0" 6wt Good match
TFO 11'0" 8wt Scandi feel
ZONE:F1 - 375 TFO 11'0" 6wt Scandi feel
ZONE:F1 - 400 TFO 11'0" 6wt Good Match