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SalarFinder40 is a new approach to multidensity design. Unlike traditional design which relies on mass, the funnel taper generates higher line speed to cover greater area with ease. It is an adjustable three-density shooting head for med-large rivers. It offers from a full range of shooting head from full float for top water action in the fall to a fast full sunk head for fast moving current in the early season. 
Funnel Taper design enabled. Makes casting enjoyable!
MultiDensity design swings fly where Salar lives!
the line allows you to use a dry tip or a sink tip for top water column action
Pairs well with 14'+/- rods
an interchangeable multidensity shooting head with a float belly for manipulating the fly speed on swing. ideal line for low-med flow 
Pairs well with 14'+/- rods
the most versatile line for Atlantic Salmon fishing. Ideal for medium flow conditions.
Pairs well with 14'+/- rods
gets deeper than 13 line. Ideal line for early season high water condition.
Pairs well with 14'+/- rods
When you need to get down deep and slow swing in high water condition in early season, this line can get the job done.
Pairs well with 14'+/- rods.

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