SalarFinder40 Single

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SalarFinder45: Single is a true three-density design optimized for distance and controllability. 
These lines cast and fish like a dream.

Funnel Taper design enabled. Makes casting enjoyable!
MultiDensity design swings fly where Salar lives!
SalarFinder45:FFF, a floater. With Funnel Taper design, it has a better control through casting cycle and distance is excellent. 
One of our favorite lines to fish when water temperature allow to fish near surface film. 

Recommended for moderate to low water conditions.
SalarFinder45:FH1 a ideal line for top column action. This line goes far.
Pair well with 15'+/- rods
SalarFinder45:F24 excellent line to fish low-med flow conditions
Pair well with 15'+/- rods
SalarFinder45:246 a high water line yet easy to cast.
Pair well with 15'+/- rods

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