Size (Euro rating)


SalarFinder45 is an untraditional long scandi head which is well received by many Scandi countries fishermen. Funnel taper design enhances deeper rod loading and quicker recovery to generate higher line speed for distance delivery.

New models Introduction:

SalarFinder45:11, FF and H12 are new additions to the SalarFinder45 family. The SalarFinder45:FF and FH1 are redesigned with the same taper of other SalarFinder45. 

Model (Euro rating) Weight Length Model (Euro rating) Weight Length 
SF45:FF-8/9 34.3g 9.44m SF45:FFF-8/9 39.5g 12.4m
SF45:FF-9/10 38.2g 10.0m SF45:FFF-9/10 43.4g 13.3m
SF45:FF-10/11 42.1g 11.0m SF45:FFF-10/11 47.3g 14.0m
SF45:FF-11/12 46.7g 11.9m SF45:FFF-11/12 51.8g 14.9m
SF45:F2-8/9 34.3g 9.44m SF45:FH1-8/9 39.5g 12.4m
SF45:F2-9/10 38.2g 10.0m SF45:FH1-9/10 43.4g 13.3m
SF45:F2-10/11 42.1g 11.0m SF45:FH1-10/11 47.3g 14.0m
SF45:F2-11/12 46.7g 11.9m SF45:FH1-11/12 51.8g 14.9m
SF45:11-8/9 34.3g 9.44m SF45:F36-8/9 39.5g 12.4m
SF45:11-9/10 38.2g 10.0m SF45:F36-9/10 43.4g 13.3m
SF45:11-10/11 42.1g 11.0m SF45:F36-10/11 47.3g 14.0m
SF45:11-11/12 46.7g 11.9m SF45:F36-11/12 51.8g 14.9m
SF45:13-8/9 34.3g 8.8m SF45:H12-8/9 39.5g 12.4m
SF45:13-9/10 38.2g 9.4m SF45:H12-9/10 43.4g 13.3m
SF45:13-10/11 42.1g 10.0m SF45:H12-10/11 47.3g 14.0m
SF45:13-11/12 46.7g 11.6m SF45:H12-11/12 51.8g 14.9m
SF45:35-8/9 34.3g 8.8m SF45:246-8/9 39.5g 12.1m
SF45:35-9/10 38.2g 9.4m SF45:246-9/10 43.4g 12.8m
SF45:35-10/11 42.1g 10.0m SF45:246-10/11 47.3g 13.4m
SF45:35-11/12 46.7g 11.6m SF45:246-11/12 51.8g 14.3m
SF45:57-8/9 34.3g SF45:468-8/9 39.5g 11.9m
SF45:57-9/10 38.2g SF45:468-9/10 43.4g 12.5m
SF45:57-10/11 42.1g 8.8m SF45:468-10/11 47.3g 13.1m
SF45:57-11/12 46.7g 9.7m SF45:468-11/12 51.8g 14.0m
SF45:6810-10/11 47.3g 12.2m
SF45:6810-11/12 51.8g 13.1m